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You’re 3 Steps Away From A Fried Oreo & A Killer Sales Strategy

People hate selling.

HATE it.

Because they don’t know that when it’s done the RIGHT way, selling is actually very fun!

If you are one of those people who HATE selling (and even if you aren’t) I’m glad you dropped by.

Because I have a minty fresh mid-summer mini-sales class for you.

Right here. Right now.

It’s an exclusive interview I did with Tracy Matthews for her Flourish & Thrive Academy, where she teaches jewelers how to successfully step out of the studio and sell their products.… [click to continue...]

Post Date: August 5, 2014

LOVE NOTE For When You Feel Like Giving Up

Did you wake up this morning wanting to give up?


Yes. I said cool!

Cuz now you’ll REALLY read what I wrote.

I LOVE a captive audience.

Don’t you?

Ok. Give me a second while I climb atop my soapbox.

Ready. Set. Go!

It took 20 years for Robin Thicke to have a best-selling song.

You know it – Blurred Lines – you might be humming it right now.

5 millions copies sold in 22 weeks.… [click to continue...]

Post Date: July 21, 2014

A Fast Car, A Hot Guy, And Your Credibility – Oh My

Pull up your chair.

Because I’m ‘schoolin’ you in a lesson dear to my heart.

In 2004, I was at a turning point in my life.

I was three years into my real estate career. A career that when I started, I thought for sure I’d eventually be THE Donald Trump of Minneapolis and LOVE it.

Turns out I didn’t LOVE it, nor did I desire to dominate the industry. Just to dominate.

: I wanted to be more creative.… [click to continue...]

Post Date: July 14, 2014