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Jim Carrey Ain’t So Dumb & Dumber

You know how they say that you end up marrying one of your parents?

I never thought it was true for me – Chad isn’t anything like my mom OR my dad.

Or so I thought.

The truth finally came out on Father’s Day, after a great meal of grilled cheesy turkey burgers. Just as we were on our way out the door, Chad pulled me aside.

‘Hey!’ he whispered, all excited, ‘Guess what your dad’s favorite movie is?’

‘His favorite what now?’ I asked, wondering if all the cheese had rushed to Chad’s brain.… [click to continue...]

Post Date: June 30, 2014

Testimonials Made Easy

As much as I love to write, whenever I sit down to craft testimonials, I freeze – just like I would if I wasn’t wearing my black, creepy face mask and puffy snow pants in the middle of winter- and all of a sudden … I have NOTHING to say – no matter how much I love the product or the person.

Then I’m bummed out because this person/business/service deserves great reviews and they don’t get one from me.… [click to continue...]

Post Date: June 23, 2014

Getting Stalked. Fancy Lady Style.

Maybe you’ll think I’m paranoid,

but I think Sephora might be stalking me.

 They sent me an email with this image in it:


When I opened it I just thought – “Oooh, pretty! What a beautiful display.” and went on to cruise through some other emails.

A minute later, it hit me.

That beautiful display? HOLY CRAP. That was all stuff I just bought.

Like a week ago.

Cue the official freak-out.

It was weird.

Even though I am in their rewards program, it felt invasive – because I had purchased these products IN the store.[click to continue...]

Post Date: June 16, 2014