Daily Whip

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Dial up your discipline. 

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Find your focus.


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Turn action into assets.


People always ask me, “Were you really a stripper?”

I always say, “I’ve got the proof, if you’ve got the cash.” Just kidding!

But seriously, I was a stripper for 9 years.

 // I then went from stripper to co-creator of a multi-million dollar commercial real estate investment company.

// Started my own multiple 6-figure coaching & consulting company.

// Wrote a bestselling book endorsed by A-Listers like Dan Pink, Tory Johnson & Barbara Corcoran.

And created The Daily Whip.

A free audio series for slightly masochistic, fancy lady entrepreneurs that will (obviously) whip your business into action.

Get it while it’s HOT! Get it while it’s FREE!

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