Daily Whip

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If you’re scrambling up the success ladder in your Christian Louboutin stilettos – but secretly sobbing in the bathroom and wrecking your Tarte mascara because you’re not taking action on the important things like …

: Making the phone call you’ve been putting off for years – the one that’s going to open a world of opportunities.

: Sauntering up to hotshot investors – and pitching them. Boldy. And without apology.

: Writing the blog post that’s vulnerable, powerful & totally viral – the one that skyrockets your message into the mainstream.

: Applying for a TED Talk, booking the photo shoot, pitching the manuscript, scheduling the presentation, implementing like a mofo and hiring the assistant – because you’re going places, fast.

Then you need to know WHY you’re not doing these things, and what to do about it.

You need to know HOW to take the risks that will change everything.

And you need to know WHO you’ve got to be in order to see the change you want in your business.

Without that, you will chronically overwork & underachieve. You will obsess over minutia & procrastinate on the projects that matter. You will second-guess your intuition … and rule a very small (& unrewarding) kingdom.

So, how do you put these pieces together?

By immersing yourself in The Daily Whip. My FREE community & weekly group-coaching call that will whip you into INSPIRED action.

Yes. It might hurt. But you’ll thank me. Because weeping in the ladies room is not a sustainable business plan. And your life? It’s bigger than that.

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