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L.A.M.B. // Love. Art. Money. Baby.

Do you know what love really feels like?

After the meet. After the first passion. After you realize the object of your desire isn’t perfect.

What does love look like then?

(You know I’m talking about your business, right?)

The day you wake up and think this isn’t as much fun as I thought it was going to be and suddenly your mind starts racing with all kinds of ideas on what you could do instead.… [click to continue...]

Post Date: November 17, 2014

Christian Louboutin On Pricing

I almost fell off my stilettos when I got this email from Sephora.  


(Photo credit: SEPHORA)

Could you not just die?

Soooo delicious!

Christian Louboutin nail polish in his signature red, with a SEVEN-inch cap, the same length as his Ballerina Ultima shoe – the highest heel he ever designed.

And the price tag? $50. FOR NAIL POLISH.

That’s right. $50. For .04 fluid ounces of red lacquer.

Now, before you go off the deep end, take a moment to think about what Louboutin is doing.… [click to continue...]

Post Date: November 4, 2014

[TOUGH] LOVE NOTE If You Compared Yourself To Someone Else Today

No one compares to Oprah.

No one compares to Jay-Z.

No one compares to Martha Stewart.

No one compares to Donald Trump.

No one compares to Ellen Degeneres.

No one compares to Jimmy Fallon.

No one compares to Kim Kardashian.

Do you know why?

Because they don’t compare themselves to others.

The full expression of yourself has NOTHING to do with anyone else.

The full expression of you is a contract between YOU and the UNIVERSE.… [click to continue...]

Post Date: October 13, 2014