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THE DOT METHOD: How Jewelry Designer Becky Hosmer Used It To Build A 7-Figure Business

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Simplicity sets you free.

Delicious, organic food, yoga, a clean house with fresh cut flowers on the coffee table – and zero stress as you stand on your back porch in the early morning, holding your cup of organic tea and taking deep breaths of spring air.

(Can you feel yourself feeling lighter already?)

Yet when it comes to your business you aspire to be anything but SIMPLE – because you secretly think that simplicity might make you look: BORING. Read more

Post Date: February 4, 2016

Derek Halpern’s Secret Weapon To Success (And It’s Not His Killer Eyebrows.)


Why is everyone talking about Derek Halpern?”

I asked myself in 2011.

Before I ever met Derek Halpern, I’d heard a lot about him. And everyone seemed to have something great to say about him.

Who is this guy, I wondered?

So I went to his site, and still couldn’t figure out what the big deal was – other than his stunning eyebrows. Have you seen them? Really, stunning.

But I kept hearing his name again and again, so I went back to Social Triggers and this time, instead of glossing over his site, I listened to one of his podcasts. Read more

Post Date: December 9, 2015

How To Make Money From Your Art (With Chanel Illustrator, Megan Hess)

Megan Hess Black Coat

Photo: @MeganHess_Official

I’m going to start out with a bold & obvious statement.

We live in a visual culture.

EXHIBIT A? Instagram. EXHIBIT B? Pinterest.

We love being inspired.

A picture shoots right to the middle of our brains and does the job. Fast!

Faster than a podcast, a book, or even an inspirational quote. You see it, and it’s energizing, boom – like Pixie Sticks for your brain.

: You want fresh, vibrant flowers in the dead of winter? Read more

Post Date: October 28, 2015